Scope of registration: is your RTO compliant with clause 1.8?

Does your RTO’s scope of registration include training products that are not currently being delivered?
clause 1.8 of the standards requires RTOs to have resources available for all training products on scope, regardless of whether the RTO is currently delivering those training products.

This means that the RTO needs to have:
● learning resources
● assessment tools
● trainers and assessors
● any equipment needed for delivery and/or assessment
● facilities
current TASs, etc.
● for ALL training products, even if these training products are not being delivered.

RTOs often have training products on scope that are not currently in use, thereby including their risk of non-compliance with clause 1.8 and their cost of ongoing compliance of the Standards.  

Given ASQA’s quick turnaround time for approving addition to Scope applications and the relatively low cost of applying for an addition-to-scope, it makes a lot of sense for an RTO to restrict its scope of registration to only the training products that it needs at any given time, and to delete all training products that are currently not in use.

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